Travel Medicine Consultations

When planning vacations, remember that certain countries outside the Canada, such as Africa, South America and Southeast Asia, require vaccinations and other preventive medications. Making plans to ensure good health for your international trip is just as important as obtaining your passport and your airline tickets.


The clinical pharmacists at the Travel Medicine Clinic will ensure that you receive a thorough consultation and evaluation of your immunization needs. A trusted name in healthcare, The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy, Alberta ensures that patients receive comprehensive, personalized care from a highly experienced staff.

Travel Medicine Services

During your consultation with our trained pharmacist, you will receive a personalized travel health booklet containing specific information about the place(s) you plan to visit.

The pharmacist will review the following health and travel concerns with you:

– Health risks associated with the place(s) you are travelling


– Disease prevention


– Safe practices and precautions on the place(s) you plan to visit if you are pregnant, are nursing or have a chronic health condition


– Vaccination requirements dictated by the Centers for Disease Control and the World


– Health Organization


– Proper food and water precautions to ensure good health


– Certain vaccinations and other preventive medications are recommended.


Book your travel consultation appointment as soon as you know your travel plans. The Travel Medicine Clinic at The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy, Alberta offers the following vaccines for your travel needs:


Hepatitis A & B, Typhoid Fever, Tetanus and more.


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