Free Accu-Pak Blister Packaging


serv1Accu-Pak blister packaging brings organization and convenience back to your life – keeping track of your medications has never been easier! This system means more accurate packaging for your needs, regardless of how many medications you are on!


Accu-Pak is a cardboard cutout with individual packets for your daily medications. The great thing about Accu-Pak is that it organizes your daily medications into sections of the day: morning, noon, dinner and bedtime. This technique helps patients remember if they have taken their pills – allowing them to take their medications just as the doctor prescribed!


For our customers, Accu-Pak comes free of charge. As an added service, our Pharmacists can prepare your medications on a recurring monthly basis – and have them delivered to your doorstep (Yonge Street location only). Any over the counter medications and vitamins can be placed into an Accu-Pak.

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