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The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy, Alberta

Store # 344

Medicine Shoppe Canada Inc. (“MSC”) is a Master Licensee of Medicine Shoppe International, Inc. (“MSI”) of St. Louis, MO. Founded by pharmacist Michael Busch, MSI was established in 1970 and opened its first franchised pharmacy in 1971. MSI now has franchised and corporate units operating in countries worldwide.

From the beginning, The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy was unique. We have always been a patient-focused (rather than product-focused) professional pharmacy, mainly concentrating on healthcare rather than conventional drug store merchandise such as cigarettes, photofinishing, and cosmetics.

Medicine Shoppe Pharmacies are designed to enhance the customer experience. Our
dispensaries are at eye level, not on a raised platform like most drug stores. Our pharmacies offer soft lighting, a comfortable place to sit, and a private counseling area that also serves a dual purpose as a screening area. All Medicine Shoppe Pharmacies have a very distinctive Wellness Centre that is the cornerstone fixture of each store.

As the first pharmacy organization to offer healthcare screenings on a regular (and national) basis, The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy prides itself on maintaining its leadership within our industry in the area of patient care.

We Give You Peace of Mind

We are readily available with answers and information.

  • Helping you understand what your medications are for and ensure you are getting the most from them.
  • Ensuring that any medications you might be taking won’t adversely react with each other causing unnecessary side effects.
  • Working with other health professionals to manage chronic conditions such as diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure or high cholesterol levels.
  • Helping you understand your risk factors and share information on lifestyle choices and treatment options that will help you to enjoy a healthy, more active life.


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